Sunday, 29 March 2009

Yep, They Were The Actual Kits... England 4 v 0 Slovakia

England looking sharp in their all-white number... is it just me or is Lamps about to erotically start licking Rooney's fingers?
I'm not really a fan of international breaks, especially during the few days leading up to them; I mean there's only so many ways to retell the same 'ol story, so I'll tell you what really boils my blood instead. Being sold a heap of self-righteous hype by a so-called kit "designer"... oh and on that note, England's new all-white playing kit!
Just last week we were "teased" by a set of videos, about the amount of research that had gone into the new look England kit being based on history and tradition, etc; and how this design is meant to be classical whilst still modern... um, somebody help me out here, cause I just don't see it!
To me it looks like all they really had to think about was what font they were going to use for the names and numbers on the back and what stain remover would best get rid of the massive grass marks added by a player who's has just slid 10 meters up the touchline to save the ball from rolling out!
I will admit however that Becks does look smart in his kit... but then again he'd look good in just about anything Victoria owns too... so that really doesn't count does it. Oh and happy 109th cap Beck's... keep on keepin' on.

Match highlights:

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