Monday, 29 June 2009

Confed Cup - Oh Snap! USA 2 v 3 Brazil

Brazil crowned Champions of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009... as if you didn't know that was going to happen!?
What do you get when you score two goals against Brazil in the final (of any sport) and then sit back on your laurels? If you guessed 'an ass-whoopin from Sth Africa all the way to your homeland'... then ding, ding, ding, you my friend, have just won yourself the Confederations Cup!
I didn't expect the US MiNT to put up such a fight early on, which is why I predicted what I did in the first place. I mean I was impressed, bedazzled even that they managed to score first... two times! And I'm sure that that is what eventually pissed the South Americans off.
Overall though, the US had a great tournament and must be congratulated for putting in such gallantry performances to get to the final, however these days it seems that losing to Brazil, even by the smallest of margins, is more of an achievement than an actual win against second rate opposition. So given that they didn't really stand a chance to begin with... I'd say that they were lucky enough to have even made it this far.

Match highlights: Keep an eye out for Landon Donovan's goal... it was well crafted on the counter and a great finish by the captain.

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