Wayne Rooney was up to his old tricks again and deflated Tottenhams ego with a skillful third goal

Scoring an early goal against Manchester United can be quite a daunting thing as was proven overnight. It’s like taking the last sausage off the grill at a fat chicks convention then sneakily trying to walk it out the front door without anyone noticing. Scary thing is, you actually think you have a chance of getting away with it cause you got it early, but then the paranoia kicks in and you’re constantly looking over your shoulder wondering why the room feels like it’s slowly closing in on you everyone is staring in your general vicinity. Chances are you may get close to walking out of there with it, but there’s an even better chance you may lose an appendage or your pride in the process… my advice, just surrender it dude, seriously, it’s better for you in the long run!

Match highlights:
Great goal by Defoe.

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