While the world prepares to have it’s eardrums bled out by Mr.Worldwide and f*cking Jenny From The Block for the next month, could it be that these humble lads from my home town Melbourne, Australia have produced the greatest football song in the history of World Cup songs, ever?! Well I sure as hell haven’t been able to get the tune out of my head for days and I can’t stop watching the video either; I especially love the part at 3:09 min.

Not only does this tune and video blow my mind, it also features the vocals and lyrical prowess of none other than legendary broadcaster, football analyst and all round nice guy Les Murray! A stroke of f*cking genius lads!

Check out their YouTube channel and website for all their awesome tracks and in the meantime, Zinedine Zidaaaaaaaaane… super star!

Bring on the World Cup!

What do you think?