Predictions – La Liga – Week 30

3rd / 4th April

While the world awaits the decisive La Liga battle next weekend at the Santiago Bernabéu, our amigo at Heads or Tails talks to us of the new journalistic opportunities he will be pursuing in the crazy and unpredictable world of Spanish sports []. Well done Juan, we look forward to Google translating your articles! He...
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Predictions – La Liga – Week 29

27th / 28th March

While I begin to prepare for the week leading up to the match that will most likely decide the La Liga title this year, ie. Real Madrid v Barcelona next weekend, our amigos at Heads or Tails are looking at the now and suggest that perhaps Sevilla may made a critical long term error by...
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Predictions – Premier League – Week 32

27th / 29th March

Arsenal and Chelsea’s title plans could be derailed this weekend as they prepare to slug out their respective matches against two stubborn teams from the midlands; Birmingham just refuse to lose at home and Villa have had the upper hand on ‘The Pensioners’ this season all ready. Both matches will go toe to toe. I’m...
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Predictions – La Liga – Week 28

23rd / 25th March

Right, we’re nearing mid week and with no European obligations looks like I’ll have to settle for some La Liga action instead… on a week night!? The world really has gone mad; well mad for Lionel Messi anyway. My counterparts over at Heads or Tails are still searching the Spanish equivalent of the Oxford dictionary...
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Prediction – Man Utd v Liverpool

Things definitely heating up at the top!

With Arsenal’s win sending them top of the pops last night, pressure now lies with United to produce the goods against a Liverpool who have all hands back on deck and firing(?)… not to mention their desire to break into the top four again. If they can combine, Torres and Gerard should give Vidic and...
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Predictions – La Liga – Week 27

20th / 21st March

This week the lads at Heads or Tail take a look back and discuss the hot subject of the week, brutality. While Valladolid’s use of force on Portuguese pin-up boy Cristiano Ronaldo has generally been condemned in the media, their coach Onesimo claims CRon is a provocative player who got his justs worth… I’m claiming...
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Predictions – UCL – Round of 16

2nd leg - 16th March

Man I can’t wait for the ‘Special One’s’ Inter to waltz into Stamford Bridge tonight and walk into the next round of the Champions League… is it going to happen though, I’m actually not so sure and this is what I love about the UCL. So many unknowns, so many variables, so many theories. It’s...
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