16 - 22 November, Dubai 2009

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup kicks off today on Jumeirah Beach and I’m going to be heading down there as often as I can to get in on it. Having to ‘work for the man’ means I don’t get the pleasure of being able to frolic around Dubai chasing the copious amounts of women [...]

Confed Cup - Italy 0 v 3 Brazil

It almost brings a tear of joy to my eye when Italy find themselves on the receiving end of a gigantic ass-whoopin… so it’s even sweater when they’re humiliated while it happens. Just like the time before the break when Dossena turned the ball into his own net off a Robinho cross… you couldn’t script [...]

An assist and a moment of brilliance by the feather-foot Robinho gave Brazil a morale boosting win over World Champs Italy overnight… but more importantly did you see Robinho’s feet once he got into the box… I sure as hell didn’t and neither did the Italian defenders! His body was still, but his legs were [...]

They lie, they cheat, they dive and make a theatre production out of every foul against them… and now they’re through to the quarter finals. As much as I hate to admit it, the Ities are great at tournament football. They’re naturally slow starters and just scrapped through the group on 4 points. Their experience [...]

I wish, I wish upon a star, that Italy and France do not go far,knocked out in the first round of another tournament,tomorrow they’ll fell nothing but lament,for taking Holland too lightly in their thoughts,a lesson by the football gods they have been taught. I predict:France 1 v 1 Italy Another Fratalian rant:Review – Italy [...]

I really did expect more from Italy in this tournament… and the same applies with France, so I hope that in the next match they both self destruct and play out a scoreless draw thus giving Romania a chance to make it to the quarters. At least Romania came to this tournament to give it [...]

While Donadoni calls for calm after Italy were annihilated by Holland, Romania prepare for their best chance yet at taking one step closer to the next stage. If they play their cards right they could pull off a draw, at best… I just don’t think Mutu Romania has enough firepower to beat the experience of [...]

The Dutch were lucky to take a 26th-minute lead after Ruud van Nistelrooy turned in Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s effort despite being clearly offside… and that’s when the flood gates opened. Watching wave after wave of attacks as Holland tore through the Itie defence almost brought a tear to my eyes. For once Holland lived up [...]