If you’ve ever wanted to look like Spiderman whilst playing football but didn’t quite have the right boots for the occasion, don’t fret any longer cause your time has come and all your prayers have been answered! Ok, the colours are a little off Spidey’s all blue and red ensemble so you will have to [...]

Barcelona 2 v 0 Manchester United

Ok, so Thursday and Friday still feel like a blur and well today, all that’s left is the smell of two day old vomit in a bucket and pictures to remind me of the mess Manchester United made of the UEFA Champions League final. By now though, you’ve probably seen and read just about every report in the world analysing the match so I’m going to take it from another angle. Check it. In a match completely dominated by Nike sponsorship deals, the two goal scorers actually came from sponsors of their direct competitors…

In what has been a slow news week, I couldn’t help but come across a viral campaign that Puma have recently released. All you need to know is that there is a smokin’ hot French temptress in sexy knickers, knee high socks and pink stripper heels and that thug Anelka is gagged and tied up [...]