USA 0 v 5 Mexico

I never thought I’d be typing the words USA lost another final so soon… but then again, I never thought I’d be waking up today to see pics of Mexicans dancing like Michael Jackson either! Judging by the highlights below, I think it’s fair to also add that the pubescents playing for Mexico are awesome [...]

Confed Cup - USA 2 v 3 Brazil

What do you get when you score two goals against Brazil in the final (of any sport) and then sit back on your laurels? If you guessed ‘an ass-whoopin from Sth Africa all the way to your homeland’… then ding, ding, ding, you my friend, have just won yourself the Confederations Cup!I didn’t expect the [...]

And his Nike Mercurial Supeflys

As I sit here watching the final of the Confederations Cup unfold like an action packed episode of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the U.S MNT sit 2-0 up against the might of Brazil… so once again, i am gob-smacked! Plus, given my earlier prediction of the match, don’t I feel like an ass at the moment!?
10min in and that man again, Clint ‘The Giant Killer’ Dempsey, wearing his all white Nike Superfly’s bagged the nights opening goal and his third of the tournament… I wonder if the US can keep this up!?

If the U.S MNT was anything like their rather fancied women’s national team, then I’d say Brazil would be up for a tough battle tonight… however seeing as the South Americans completely wiped the floor with the Northerners, only 10days ago, I don’t think they’ll have much trouble doing it again… even with the US’s [...]

Wow, that wasn’t meant to happen was it?I’ve been thinking about what to right all day and for once, I’m gob smacked!If you want details watch them below… I need a moment to reevaluate shit right now. Match highlights: Older USMNT news:Confed Cup – They Finished Second!? Egypt 0 v 3 USA


Having almost no hope in hell of qualifying for the next stage of the Confed Cup, the U.S.MiNT, went into last nights match as firm favourites… for another beating! This morning however, it was Egypt who awoke severely battered and bruised asking themselves what the f**k just happened? Shit, at 2-0 down they were still [...]