My Spanish counterpart over at Heads or Tails is claiming that not only did the ‘The Special One’ leave the Camp Nou with a place in the UCL final, he also left Barca down and out for the count, which is perfect for a ready and waiting Villareal this weekend… need I say more! And [...]


Happy New Year everybody! Put your hands up if you’re excited by my return for another year? It’s ok, I don’t mind waiting. Alternatively you could get your nipples out like one very excited Dani Alves the last time Barca played Villarreal, or simply leave a comment below… if you’re female please oblige by sending [...]


After a crazy weekend of results, Heads or Tails there’s more mid week action coming our way with some complicated fixtures. Among them, a trip to Villareal for ‘Los Blancos’ as Kaka tries to quash criticism because he hasn’t opened his goal scoring account yet… will this be the match he does? My money certainly [...]

Quarter Final Predictions - Wednesday

S’up peeps! I’m coming at you from a remote corner of the globe at the moment, so there won’t be much post-match analysis coming at ya… a good internet connection is as rare as an English team winning at the Estadio do Dragao… 13 years! Good luck! I predict:Arsenal 2 v 1 VillarrealFirst goal scorer: [...]

Villareal 1 v 1 Arsenal

Ok, I don’t know who this new “Adebayor” guy is or where the old one has gone (perhaps he was adopted by Madonna), but to tell you the truth, I don’t really care. The new guy or ADEv2.0 as I like to call him seems like he’s been tinkered with by a mix of voodoo [...]

First Leg - Tuesday

It’s Quarter Final time and you know what that means folks… over the next two weeks, somebody gonna get a-hurt real bad! Well not like Santi Cazorla’s broken ankle hurt but more like a bruised ego or battered feelings… like the time I was caught with my pants around my ankles at the school dance [...]

Panathinaikos 1 v 2 Villareal

Only a match in Greece could promise so much (Pana had the away goal advantage), yet deliver so little (they didn’t qualify)… and only in Greece could the visiting team, in an almost Euripidean manner, exact their revenge the way that only a woman betrayed by her husband could; Hit out at her husband for [...]

Villarreal 1 v 1 Panathinaikos

I am still speechless… It’s not often you see a half volley struck with such quality from a distance… oh wait a minute, we’re talking about Karagounis… sorry, yes you do! Watch this!Panathinaikos, with Henk Ten Cate at the helm, is my dark horse for this tournament… forget the quarter finals, look out semi’s! Goal [...]